Friday, November 19, 2010

Car Mama's Top 6 Minivans to Test Drive

If you're in the market for a minivan, my top 6 to test drive (in order) are:
  1. Honda Odyssey (reviewed in October 2010)
  2. Toyota Sienna (reviewed in November 2010)
  3. Nissan Quest (review of 2011)
  4. Kia Sedona 
  5. Volkswagen Routan (reviewed in November 2010)
  6. Dodge Grand Caravan 

Nissan Quest
I was going to keep my list to 5, but had to keep the Kia Sedona. I see more and more Sedona's around town and on the highway so figure there must be something there. In fact, I see more Sedona's than Volkswagen Routan's. And I felt that I needed to have an American minivan in the lineup, so I added the Dodge. I honestly don't see much interior difference between the Chrysler Town & Country, the Dodge Grand Caravan, or the VW Routan (a Town & Country with tighter suspension). I just hope they all drive a bit differently.

Toyota Sienna
Deciding on which minivan is right for you depends on your priorities: cost, mileage, seating configurations, country of origin, styling, color options, etc. I suggest you make a wish list of all the features you desire or must have, and then narrow it down from there. Then take your top three and compare them side-by-side on paper (or on one of the car websites that has a compare feature -- most do) and then drive them and take notes.  I also find that asking a current owner who is not associated with any dealer is a great way to get candid feedback. So talk to parents in the school parking lot or at Costco, just try not to hang around so long that someone calls the cops.

Good luck on your car search. I'll keep driving and sharing my reviews on Car Mama, so check back. And if you must know my opinion, send me a note via Twitter (@car_mama) or leave a comment here.

PS: If you want the ability to haul around 6 kids, but don't want a minivan or an SUV, check out the Ford Flex. It's got a different look on the outside, but it's sweet on the inside. 

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