Sunday, January 30, 2011

This List Goes to 11: Top 11 Family Sedans & Wagons

Here is my list of the top 11 family sedans and wagons you should drive if you're one who likes 4 manual doors (vs. the sliding doors of a minivan). I tried for the Top 5, then the Top 10, but had to add a Hybrid option. So now my list goes to 11.

Most families around here like SUV's or minivans to cart around their families. But some people still like sedans and wagons. (Do we still call them "station wagons?")  I have a friend who begrudgingly gave up her VW Passat wagon for a brand new loaded Toyota Highlander. It's a few years later and she still sighs when she sees a Passat wagon. The Passat was just more her speed, and with 1 child, it fit their family.

Check out the new models, but don't forget the gently-used models that might be on the local dealer's lots. Sometimes families grow out of their sedans and wagons earlier than they plan and you can swoop in and take it off their hands.

Audi A6 Wagon
  1. Audi A4 & A6 sedans or wagons -- The Quattro AWD will get you & the family through snowy weather safely.
  2. Subaru Outback or Legacy -- Although the Outback is getting into that Crossover size, it's great in the snow.
  3. Mercedes-Benz C- or E-Class sedans or wagons (a.k.a. Touring)
  4. Buick LaCrosse (2010 or newer)
  5. Ford Fusion (2010 or newer)
  6. Volkswagen Passat sedan or wagon
  7. Honda Accord
  8. Honda Civic 4-door
  9. BMW 5 series sedan or wagon
  10. Ford Taurus -- newer models only so it doesn't look like a Taurus
  11. Toyota Prius 
Ford Taurus SHO
Leave a comment with your favorite family-friendly sedan or wagon and why it works for you.

Photos from Audi America and Ford Motor Company.

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