Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012 Dodge Avenger Review Teaser

I've put more than 800 miles on my Dodge Avenger SXT Plus rental this week traipsing around the very green state of Minnesota. I've encountered rain, wind, clouds of bugs, and humidity, but have remained comfortable and confident driving the Avenger. Yes, the name makes me feel like I'm part of some weird comic book club, but as long as I don't say "Avenger" too often, I don't mind the vehicle itself. I was skeptical at first because in the past I've not liked many Dodge products, but after the first 50 miles I knew that this was not a Dodge of my youth. Or even a Dodge of the last decade.

The ride is quiet and comfortable, the Pentastar V6 has more than enough power, and I'm averaging 29 MPG. The trunk has a lot of room, as does the backseat. And the audio system is actually pretty good. The black interior with flashy red accents does heat up rather quickly in the afternoon sun, but the A/C keeps up even while going up hill.

More details and photos to come.

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