Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Out of Balance? So Am I.

I'm out of balance in almost every sense of the word. 

Physically, I'm still out of balance after my left-knee surgery two years ago and my quadriceps aren't the same size. And last week I did something to my right shoulder so that now I should put my right arm in a sling (but I haven't).  I have no idea what happened. I either slept funny, used my computer mouse too aggressively, or simply over-used my right arm while petting the dog. Having this physical limitation is especially stinky because the pain radiates from my shoulder up my neck and down my right arm and therefore it is painful to drive and painful to type. Maybe a pinched nerve?

It is my job to drive and type. And since I'm self-employed, Worker's Comp isn't gonna help me.

I'm mentally out of balance because I'm in pain. Being in pain makes me restless. Being restless makes me grumpy. And being grumpy makes me out of balance. See where I'm going here?

When I'm out of balance, the whole family is out of balance. This is a bad time to be out of balance: school started two weeks ago and our kids need me to be on my game. I keep striking out. 

On the first day of school, I forgot to make dinner (although I did help with homework and remembered soccer practice at least 5 minutes before it started). On Thursday, I made dinner early and helped with homework as needed, but forgot to bathe the kids so they went to school a bit smelly on Friday. Friday dawned without too much drama, even though both kids were exhausted. I do give the kids huge props for even completing their weekend homework before 5:00 pm Friday. That's always preferable to the late-night Sunday homework hell that we'll find ourselves in throughout the school year.

Over the long Labor Day weekend we went to Northstar-at-Tahoe near Lake Tahoe, and I took a break from all driving and typing and felt 80% better. On Monday we spent 6 hours in our Audi Q7 getting home. "Epic Fail" was the term used by our 12-year old son. And now on Tuesday morning my entire right arm is screaming to be amputated.

Throughout most of this discomfort I've had a beautiful 2012 Kia Optima Hybrid at my disposal. Kia dropped it off and I was only able to drive 130 miles over the week. I really wanted to put on at least 200 miles, but driving is so incredibly uncomfortable.  

I have a review to write and a beautifully designed spreadsheet detailing my posts for the next year. Guess I may need to adjust my spreadsheet...

I'm now looking for dictation software for my Mac and some new yoga poses for idiots with typing injuries. Any suggestions? 

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