Friday, November 16, 2012

Car News: Week of November 12, 2012

This week while reading or watching the news, the phrase I kept repeating to myself was, "Is everyone here bananas?"  

Photo from The Onion
I'm going to comb through all the crazy and find a few news stories related to automobiles, and anything else that I find worth sharing, and share with you here. I was hoping that life would return to a more "normal" state next week, but then I remembered that we're heading into the holiday season. I think the only way to survive is to read The OnionThis is how The Onion can help: Pistons Lose to Elementary School Girls Team After Big Night From 4'9" Center

Photo: Michael Macor, The Chronicle / SF
Bio-diesel 'B20' now available in Northern California for about $4.25 per gallon. At least the smell won't have me craving french fries...   (SF Gate)

Photo from Toyota Motor Co.
More recalls for Toyota: this time for 2nd generation Prius (built between 2004-2009). Here is a short story from Autoweek: Toyota Prius recalled for two fixes.  For the press release from Toyota, go here to the Toyota USA Newsroom page.  (Thankfully, our 2012 Prius is not included in this recall.)

In April 2013, our family will head to Walt Disney World resort in Florida for a week of fun and humidity. We're all looking forward to visiting the new Test Track that's been closed for remodeling. WDW and Chevrolet teamed up and the new Test Track is opening December 6th. It was a fun ride before, and with new virtual design features, I'm sure the lines will continue to be long.  (Car and Driver)

Photo from the AP

I still see too many people driving while talking on the phone, or texting, or putting on makeup. Drives me nuts! However, I have not seen any evidence of sophisticated mobile offices like this one in Germany: Man With Mobile Office in His Car Arrested by German Police.  (Huffington Post)

Hostess and Twinkies have been in our local news this week with layoffs and drama. Sad news for employees and Twinkie lovers.  I'll end with a tribute to Twinkie The Kid.  Have a great weekend.

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