Friday, November 2, 2012

Car News: Week of October 29, 2012

Here are some automotive stories and other news items that I thought were interesting and/or fun this week. 

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Oops. EPA audits Hyundai America & Kia America for fuel economy claims. Hyundai & Kia will issue personalized debit cards to owners of affected vehicles. The amount on the debit cards will depend on the fuel price in owners' region and the miles driven. Hyundai & Kia will continue to add money to the debit cards as long as the vehicles are owned. Even those who had the vehicles and sold them can get reimbursed for the "inconvenience" and extra cost associated with their ownership. (Now I don't feel so bad that I couldn't get the Kia Optima Hybrid to return the mileage numbers that were on the sticker.)

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San Francisco Giants Sweep the World Series! 
We live north of San Francisco, so this is our hometown team. They have great spirit and we had fun watching the Series with our kids. Our favorite game was guessing when and who Sergio Romo would photobomb. (And now our daughter wants soccer socks that look like Romo's.)

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How can I pass on this Hot Wheels article? I loved, loved, LOVED my Hot Wheels tracks when I was a kid. If someone gave my a Kinetic Blue Hot Wheels-inspired Camaro, I'd have to add orange Hot Wheels tracks to my driveway and garage. So cool.
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Now a hard-hitting piece from SEMA:
Guy Fieri and Tony Stewart unveil customized Chevy's at SEMA in Las Vegas

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This next article is much more serious than Hot Wheels made life-size. Superstorm Sandy messed up nearly a third of the US this week. Consumer Reports has some good tips on what to do and what not to do after a storm. The images of destruction and chaos I'm seeing on TV and the web are crazy. 

Due to "Frankenstorm," Halloween has been moved to Monday for those living in New Jersey. Smart decision for safety reasons, and a bonus 5 days for procrastinators who still need to find pumpkins and costumes.

Need a new car, but only have a pig or BBQ to use as a trade-in? Head to Vermont or watch the latest reality TV show, "Family Trade."

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