Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Car News: It's Super Bowl Commercial Time!

It's Super Bowl time in the US and that's about all we're hearing about in our local San Francisco Bay Area news this week. This is the time of year when many of us are planning to overeat, wear elastic-waist warm-up pants all day, and shop for our next vehicle. 

(Continue reading to view commercials.)

Wait. Shop for cars? On Super Bowl Sunday? That's what many auto makers are hoping. Based on the number of car commercials and the expense of those commercials, it isn't hard to figure out that auto makers are spending big to bring customers in to dealerships in 2013. These ads make big promises as well: bravery, happiness, allure, sophistication, and attention-grabbing good looks. The business of selling cars is a very BIG business indeed.  

The first Super Bowl 2013 commercials I saw were from Audi and VW. They also "leaked" their commercials last year before Super Bowl Sunday and got more views online than number of viewers who saw the commercials on TV. I did receive an email from Toyota saying "click here to sneak a peek at our Super Bowl commercial," but when I clicked through to their website, there were several purple genie ads, so I'm not sure which one they were referring to in the email. 

Audi "Prom" -- I understand that there are three different endings and you cast your vote for your favorite on the Audi America website on February 3rd.

VW "Get In. Get Happy." -- My favorite line: "Da land of ten tousand lakes. Da gopher state!"  You rarely hear reference to Minnesota's third nickname.

Mercedes-Benz, Kate Upton & a dirty CLA -- It doesn't matter much if some think this commercial is too sexy for family viewing, the over 5.5 million views on MBUSA's Youtube channel are drowning out any dissenting voices. (However, when I see Kate Upton, I just want a hamburger with jalapeƱos.)

Toyota's RAV4 Genie -- There are two purple genie commercials I found. Nothing too exciting. I'm certainly not fond of the dementor-esque witches flying around at the end.

Fiat seems to have a few ads in store for us this Sunday. If it's this one, Kate Upton won't be the only topic of conversations on Monday. 

I also found Doritos and Coca-Cola commercials, but I'll wait to post those when I start my junk food blog. (And I'll be sure to include our beef chili recipe.)

Happy Super Bowl Week!

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