Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Car Mama's 2010 Gift Guide, Part I

Car Mama's 2010 Gift Guide is here to help you find the right gift for those people in your life who drive. Prices range from $4.99 to $64,000. See Part II and Part III for other great ideas.


Those who commute spend more solitary time in their cars than most of us, so they need accessories for their vehicle that keeps them comfortable and alert. (Unless they carpool, of course, and then they need some quiet time when they get home.) My husband's car fluctuates every month between hasn't-lost-that-new-car-smell and having a backseat full of old Wall Street Journal's and empty water bottles. When I get in the passenger seat I usually sit on a pair of headphones, a Blackberry case, or a pair of sunglasses. So perhaps a litter bag and an organizer should top his Christmas list...

Whether you're a Stay-At-Home-&-Work Mom or a Go-Somewhere Else-&-Work Mom, you likely have the car that chauffeurs kids to school, practices, games, the park, etc. Mom's need reliable, safe vehicles that can take a beating from kids. Some of us spend way more time in our cars each day than we would like, so here are some suggestions to make that time more enjoyable. Or at least less stressful.

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