Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Car Mama's 2010 Gift Guide, Part II

Part II of Car Mama's 2010 Gift Guide is here to save you some time, but not necessarily money. 

If you need gift suggestions for the Commuter or Mom in your life, check out The Gift Guide, Part I. And Part III has ideas for Grandma and Grandpa.

Dog Owner
We're dog lovers and have always had big, hairy Golden Retrievers who would rather ride in our laps than in the way back. Their love knows no bounds, but you can't drive down the highway with 70 pounds of fur in your arms.
  • Collapsible Water Bowl (and food bowl)
  • Towel for muddy paws like this one from The Container Store
  • Ramp if the dog is older or the back of your vehicle is high (Costco has a good one)
  • Poop baggies (your personal preference)
  • Cargo-area liner/protector
  • Pet Partition to keep Buster in the back (Again, Costco to the rescue.)
  • Extra leash stashed in car somewhere. We like the slip style like this one from LL Bean. (Last weekend we forgot a leash, so I had to use the removable strap from my purse. Thank you, Baggallini.)
  • A 2011 Subaru Outback

Car Trippers
We didn't go on many car trips when I was a kid in Montana and Washington. We lived in fairly remote places and a trip to the nearest "city" might take 2 hours one-way. Besides that, why leave when the most beautiful country is right outside your door? But if a car trip with the family is in your future, consider these gifts to your spouse, kids or yourself.
Home (The Teton River, Montana). Photo by Jim R.

I was a very responsible teen driver (honestly), and my kids are still in Grade School, so I don't fully understand the stress of having a teen driver yet. I'm sure I will within the next 6 years.
  • Fuzzy Dice  (because kids these days need some humor in their lives)
  • An emergency cell phone 
  • Backup Camera (several options from Costco) 
  • Very clear rules and consequences and immediate follow-through
  • Hands free Bluetooth Speaker
  • A 2011 Ford Focus with MyKey(TM) technology that helps you help your teen drive more safely
Happy Holidays!

Thanks to Edmunds.com and Car Mama for the photos.

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