Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Car Mama's 2010 Gift Guide, Part III

Car Mama's 2010 Gift Guide, Part III, has gift ideas for Grandma and Grandpa. In our families, the grandparents don't need much, nor do they ask for much. We like to have our kids think of fun things to give along with a donation to Heifer International or Kiva. The good news about buying for grandparents is they have good manners and will never tell you if they don't like the gift.

Before we had children I didn't know what a "Brag Book" was. Our mothers were quick to point out that they needed to fill their "Brag Books" and that I should keep the photos coming. With that in mind, I suggest items for Grandma that shout "I'm a proud Grandma!" And a few practical things as well.

Grandpa's are cool and gifts for Grandpa should also be cool. Don't get me wrong, Grandma's are wonderful and loving and I had two perfect Grandmothers. But they are typically more "huggy" and practical. Grandpa's know how to build stuff and fix broken things, they don't care if you get muddy, they like watching car races, and they don't necessarily talk that much. A trip to Fenton's for ice cream with Grandpa is all together different than a trip with Grandma. Grandpa will take you to Home Depot first and let you have a Banana Split if you ask nicely. Grandma would likely be thinking of tummy aches and how long til your next sensible meal.

Happy Holidays!

Thanks to Edmunds.com and Car Mama for the photos.

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