Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Santa, Car Mama's 2011 Gift Guide

This year I decided to cut out the middle woman and send my Christmas list straight to Santa. He's got an army of elves to help him pull this off. (I just have a stinky dog who hates riding in my car, and kids who are too busy with homework to be my helpers.) Ho-Ho-Ho!

December 13, 2011

Dear Santa, 

For my brother who desperately needs a new car, I'm asking that you send him a new Ford Escape. It's eco-friendly, has 4WD, and is perfect for fishing trips, commuting to work, and chauffeuring those 2 beautiful girls. It's time for a new ride: his Jetta windows are held up with duct tape. 

For all the skiers I know and love, please deliver some warm and perfectly performing Patagonia gear. And a Subaru Outback with snow tires. My go-to Patagonia gear includes Capilene 3 tops and bottoms for cold days (with Cap 2 for warm days); down sweaters for kids and adults; coats and pants that keep everyone dry and warm; and Better Sweaters for the whole family for after-ski time. Big bonus: When pieces are outgrown or wear out, anyone can send them back to Patagonia who will recycle them through their Common Threads Initiative. (We have yet to wear anything out, so get a color they'll like for at least the next 10 years.)

For my Dad who loves music but prefers silence, please drop off a Sonos system (with 3 zones) by his chair in the living room. This way he can listen to what he wants, when he wants (and Mom can find NPR in the mornings with no static). Please add on Spotify so he can listen to great Motown, Blues and Jazz that he hasn't heard in decades.

For my Mom who loves NPR, classical music, and spends a lot of time in her car, please install SiriusXM satellite radio in her Subaru Forrester. It'll be perfect for those long trips from Iowa to New Mexico. No more books on tape when they're in the middle of nowhere.

For my Mom, the teacher, please deliver 50 iPads loaded with the Khan Academy app and a few stylus "pens" so a few of her students can practice Math and get immediate help and feedback when she's not available.

For my practical father-in-law, please send a new Subaru Outback this year. I know he loves our old one that he fixed up, but the newer version has more headroom for his 6-foot frame. Plus a new Outback doesn't have those goofy automatic attached-to-the-door seat belts that he gets tangled in.

For my mother-in-law who needs to relax after directing choir all day, please put together a rest-and-relaxation package that includes: an Breville electric tea kettle, a collection of Mighty Leaf tea, a subscription to Yoga Download, and a Rolling Hills Day Spa massage gift certificate. Anyone who deals with kids and adults singing all day needs some quiet downtime in downward facing dog followed by hot tea. 

Kayla Rose Dehnert
And for my kids and husband and all of our friends, who I love and who have everything they need, please let them know that we're donating money to the Curing Kayla Rose fund via PayPal and St. Judes Hospital.  Kayla and her family need our support so they can focus on healing little Kayla and bringing her home from St. Jude cancer-free. And please see to it that Kayla and her little brother find some sweet gifts under their trees this year.

Happy Holidays! I hope you all enjoy a peaceful, healthy and relaxing December!

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  1. Thanks, Sis! I'll be watching for a sleigh towing a new car. I figured he'd just bring me more tape to hold my car together.