Sunday, July 29, 2012

Audi A3 Overnight

A cute little Audi A3 spent the night in our garage last week and the whole family was smitten. As posted in my earlier review, it is an adorable car that's fun to drive. My 8-year old daughter loved the overall size and the backseat legroom and window height (it was low enough). Now that she's out of a booster seat, some backseats are so low she has a hard time seeing the world as it rushes past.

In my real life driving of this A3 for a few days, I averaged 27 MPG -- just as predicted. I'm a fan of diesels, but this little gasoline engine was peppy and fun to drive. When I can pass other cars going 65 MPH uphill, I'm a happy girl.

I stand by my recommendation: the Audi A3 is a great car for small families, commuters, couples, dog lovers, and for anyone who needs a small wagon with loads of pep. Zipping around the city in this would be a pleasure.

Cargo Area: 2 Carry-ons & 2 Bags of Groceries
Note the height of the open lift gate.
(c) Erika Fish

Back doors open WIDE. Easy for transporting kids;
especially those in car seats.
(c) Erika Fish

Arm rest in back seat comes with pop-out cup holders
and little storage area. Great for pencils & a book of Mad Libs for the kids.
(c) Erika Fish 

LATCH hooks are visible
& easy to access. Best I've seen.
(c) Erika Fish

Sun for everyone.
Moonroof over back seat has a shade.
(c) Erika Fish

Full review of the Audi A3 diesel can be found here

Thanks to Sonnen Audi for the loan of the A3 & the great service.

Photos by Car Mama.

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